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Living in the Cambridge bubble


The Day of the Draft

14h30 in the fourth week of writing, 2h30 last week. To my defence, last week I was sorting out things in the lab, taking a few (maybe) last measurements, cleaning my drawers etc.

Today is the day and I don’t have a draft that I could send to my supervisor. I am behind the schedule and the time I have for writing will be greatly reduced now. I am starting a new job tomorrow. I am optimistic though — for reasons explained previously (motivation) I don’t feel like writing full time. I’d like to get into a routine of 1-2h writing every evening. That’s not a lot, but I think I have written more than 50% now so I should be done in a couple of months.

On Friday, my last full day at uni, I felt great. I spent 8 years and 7 months studying physics. I wasn’t nostalgic about leaving at all — only excited about what’s to come! I will be coming back to the Cavendish for sure, at least to discuss the thesis with my supervisor. So long!