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Day 68 Before Draft

I know when I will finish my PhD. Looking at my previous posts, it seems to be about six months later than the initial plan, but it will still be below the group’s average of four years. I will write about the reason for the deadline later, meanwhile let’s assess what I need to do.

It will not be a data-heavy thesis. I have solid results for one chapter and the rest has some good simulations and plenty of failed fabrication. I wrote down a plan of what to put in the thesis and it doesn’t look too bad. I’ll write more about it when I consult it with my supervisor some time this week.

I have no idea how many pages it will be, but it would be unrealistic to think fewer than a hundred. This means I need to write roughly at the pace of two pages per day. Sounds doable, but I am sure it is more difficult than it sounds. Ask GRRM.

I am using this great LaTeX template, which means I don’t have to worry about formatting. Adding references is as easy as exporting them from Mendeley. I have no idea how people manage writing technical theses in Word. Another plus of having it all human-readable is that I can manage it with git and I will have all the progress logged.

Fortunately, I am not starting with a blank page. I have my first year report which I will base my introduction upon and a paper under review which is the essence of my first chapter. I just need to expand both quite significantly.