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Living in the Cambridge bubble



Here I am. Stansted airport is quite big so getting to the train station in 15 minutes and reclaiming your baggage on the way AND with a strike of the border agency going on (although you could hardly notice it) is rather difficult. I waited for another train, which was only one hour later.

Cambridge is pretty! As soon as I walked out of the station, I saw hundreds of bicycles. While I was walking to a bus stop, I noticed lots of cyclists and cycling paths. I am looking forward to getting my own bike. Besides, most of the houses are old and built with bricks are they look very beautifully to me.

My room in Robinson is spacy, cosy and clean. For the next three months I will be living in one of their new graduate houses in a very quiet and green area. I will write a post about the accommodation for sure, now I will just say I have never lived in Wrocław in such a comfortable place (and expensive – it costs £175/week).