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Living in the Cambridge bubble



Some time ago I promised to write about my sources of funding. It took me so long just because I wasn’t entirely sure about them until the last week.

Whatever you may think about the European Union, it is helping young people to broaden their horizons. I applied for Erasmus life-long learning programme which provides students with scholarships for internships within EU. Unlike Erasmus for student exchange, this one allows you to choose a hosting company or university. After you contact them and they accept you, all you need is some paperwork which I had already described here. Initially, they said I would get around 100 euros/week for 3 months. However, just before I left, I learned that they would extend it to 6 months and raise the wage to almost 150 euros! It was great news and it consequently prevented me from spending any savings while living in the UK.

I also received significant support from my group here and I am sure I owe it to prof. Misiewicz’s correspondence with prof. Ritchie. That was the money I was waiting for until last week: 1500 pounds from SP.

The third official source of funding is Wrocław University of Technology, courtesy of prof. Misiewicz. Before I knew about additional support from EU, my budget hadn’t looked too optimistic, so I asked him if there was any other scholarship I could apply for. He just asked how much I needed and after a few days I received the exact amount (7000zł) from WrUT - apparently they have funds for students and researchers going abroad, but I imagine they use it only in special cases. Now, who will tell me my university is not great?

Last but not least, I knew that if anything went wrong, I could count on my parents’ help, a comfort for which I will always be grateful. As you can see, voloir c’est povoir - I have got enough funding to live normally- albeit modestly - in one of Europe’s most expensive countries.