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Living in the Cambridge bubble


First days

I am sure this is going to be a really nice work. Why? Because of the team. Emma met me upon my arrival in Cavendish and gave me a brief tour of the Mott building where the SP group is based. I learned a funny word: a pigeonhole - now I own one! Then she introduced me to the THz group members: Anthony, Shruti and Yash. All of them are PhD students and so far they have not shown any sign of being annoyed by my questions. In fact, I could not imagine a friendlier and more helpful team.

Then I met Harvey, our supervisor, who showed me the scientific facilities: the MBE reactor, cleanrooms and the THz lab. If I understood well, he is a grower, which means that all the QCL structures I will be processing are prepared by him. He taught me 101 MBE growing in half an hour which was really interesting - for the first time I was told about the growth process by someone who actually feels it. This is the knowledge that you don’t find in textbooks and one of the many reasons for going to a lab.

I got my own desk, a computer and many theses and books to read. The computer network here is really well developed - you get your own login to access the resources, everyone has a shared folder on the network, there are several printers connected to the network. And, of course, you can read most of the scientific journals on-line, but we have that in Wrocław as well, only here it is a bit more developed.

Now I have to wait a few days for the cleanroom training to start - until then, I will not be able to do the processing so most of my time I sit there reading and asking small questions but there is a lot of big ones in queue…