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Living in the Cambridge bubble


The motivation letter

As soon as I came back home from the university, I started to write a letter to professor Littlewood. I introduced myself and I wrote a short description of my major as well as my research interests (in fact I had to invent one or two). I listed the courses I had taken along with marks, but not all of them: only the ones I felt were quite important like Quantum Mechanics, Physics I/II/III, Solid State Physics, Programming etc. It was an exam period, so I focused especially on my marks from courses with “semiconductor” or “solid state” in their descriptions. Finally, I briefly described my extracurricular activities like playing the piano or organizing language exchange meetings.

That was it. Ewa clicked “send”, we crossed our fingers and waited. Fortunately, only after five days professor David Ritchie, the head of Semiconductor Physics group, sent me an e-mail asking what period of time I was interested in. I replied “3 months or a bit more, if a particular project required it”. Three weeks later prof. Ritchie confirmed that they were happy to accept me as a summer student in the SP group.

Over the next few weeks I contacted only SP administration, namely Miss Faid and Mrs. Winter, who were amazingly nice and helpful. I would probably be still searching some accommodation and preparing documents if they had not helped me. I was asked to send a CV and a few forms. So far, everything sounds easy, doesn’t it? The next story will be about source(s) of funding…